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Tips for improving Arena model runtime speeds

Posted by Melanie Barker on Nov 15, 2021 9:49:57 AM

During my time developing Arena models, I’ve greatly appreciated the speed at which the software runs and the typically short time that it takes to run multiple replications of models. However, I have run into one or two models that were large and complex enough that runtime became a concern. Based on those experiences, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top tips for how to reduce runtime in your simulation models.

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IISE Arena Competition

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on May 11, 2021 4:49:59 PM

Each year, the Arena Simulation Team sponsors the IISE competition where student teams from around the globe compete for cash prizes. Each team is presented with a simulation problem that stems from real world events. They then have 10 weeks to create a simulation that represents the situation and propose a solution.

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Arena on Mass Vaccination

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Mar 5, 2021 8:50:53 AM

Arena Simulation has been used in Healthcare for over the last 30 years. We've helped hospitals to improve patient flow, reduce costs on patient care, and more. This past year, we've worked with healthcare related facilities across the globe take on new problems with COVID-19. 

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Topics: Healthcare

Eliminating the Gaming Overlay

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Feb 3, 2021 10:27:28 AM

If you are receiving this message when opening Arena, below is some information on why and how to turn it off.

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Arena E-Learnings

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Jan 13, 2021 2:52:54 PM

Last year during our User Group Conference, we unveiled that we're implementing a new online learning platform. We've been hard at work in completing the designs and want to make sure our customers are up to date with our progress. 

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Arena Simulation Healthcare User's Group

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Dec 21, 2020 10:51:49 AM

Dear Users,

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Crystal Reports in 16.1

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Dec 7, 2020 4:01:43 PM

Arena Installation

SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework is required to display Crystal Reports at the end of the model run.  In past versions of Arena, Crystal reports was automatically installed during the Arena installation process. That is no longer the case.  It is now a separate step in installing Arena 16.1.  Install Arena by selecting the MediaImage folder > autorun.exe. 

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When Experience and Excel Aren't Enough

Posted by Melanie Barker on Nov 18, 2020 5:09:08 PM

Two members of our Arena Consulting & Services team were delighted to have their session submission selected for the Society of Women Engineers WE20 Annual Conference. Their session was titled “When Experience and Excel Aren’t Enough, is Simulation the Solution?” This presentation was intended to introduce discrete-event simulation and when it is an appropriate analytical tool. If you would like to ask questions around this presentation, please send them to arena-info@ra.rockwell.com

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Topics: Consultant's Corner

Arena 16.1

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Nov 9, 2020 5:37:05 PM

We are proud to release Arena version 16.1. This is available immediately for download by clicking here. For those that were unable to view our user group sessions, we've included a video below that reviews the key features. You can also view the full feature list by clicking here.

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Arena Virtual Conference Recordings

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Oct 14, 2020 3:02:11 PM

On September 30th, we held our Academic Symposium for Educators teaching Arena around the globe. Sessions included introducing the new interface of Arena Version 16.1, Feedback from our End Users to Students, and Guest Professors showing analytical work they’ve done in Arena. We want to thank our guest presenters and welcome those who were unable to attend to see the recorded sessions here.

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