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Arena on Mass Vaccination

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on Mar 5, 2021 8:50:53 AM

Arena Simulation has been used in Healthcare for over the last 30 years. We've helped hospitals to improve patient flow, reduce costs on patient care, and more. This past year, we've worked with healthcare related facilities across the globe take on new problems with COVID-19. 

As we move closer to getting more people vaccinated, we face different kinds of problems related to supply, scheduling, and more. Then we have to ask ourselves:

 - How do we properly schedule patients to get vaccinated?
 - What does my staffing level need to be in order to serve everyone?
 - Do I have enough space for post check-up? 

There are even more questions that can be asked and answered through simulation. This is why we've developed a free model for Healthcare Providers and Vaccination Clinics to use for their facilities. In the video below, Nancy reviews the model and how it works. If you work in either of these fields, and would like to obtain a copy of the model and a license, please contact arena-info@ra.rockwell.com.*

If you are having difficulty viewing the video on this page, please visit our YouTube channel to see more.

Arena in Mass Vaccination

Topics: Healthcare

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