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IISE Arena Competition

Posted by Arena Simulation Case Study on May 11, 2021 4:49:59 PM

Each year, the Arena Simulation Team sponsors the IISE competition where student teams from around the globe compete for cash prizes. Each team is presented with a simulation problem that stems from real world events. They then have 10 weeks to create a simulation that represents the situation and propose a solution.

This year’s problem was based on a health care system’s desire to develop a long-term master plan for locating medical care services, or contracting with other groups, to keep out-of-network costs to a minimum.

Last year's winners:


If you would like to see the student competition live, it will be held on May 18th, 2021 between 11:00AM and 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time. You can view the competition by clicking here. If you are reading this post after that date, please check below for an update to the recording. 

Interested in learning more about the IISE competition? Click here.

IISE Competition:


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