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Posted by Tyler DiFrischia on Apr 21, 2020 4:31:22 PM

Simulation allows us to understand our day to day operations and make improvements based on changes both internal and external. During a pandemic, it is more critical than ever to utilize this tool to avoid extra costs and effectively changeover. We’re seeing many different organizations tackle large changes through the power from Arena Simulation such as machine retooling, social distancing requirements, and of course, health care needs.

Manufacturing companies that are tackling machine retooling problems are looking at adjusting their operations to make ventilators for healthcare needs. The first step is to develop a simulation of your as-is system or digital twin. From there, explore adjustments based on the company’s specialties to effectively produce ventilators. With such a large change, Arena allows you to understand raw materials coming in, process times, and resources needed.

OSHA standards are changing to include social distancing. When employees enter or exit facilities, this can cause a bottleneck that impedes production. Some facilities can adjust the space where employees put on PPE, others can expand de-contamination areas, while some may have to stagger employees entering and exiting the facility. These changes can all be costly, and understanding the most effective solution can mean increasing your throughput as well as lowering costs.

Healthcare is taking the largest hit from COVID-19. Arena is already being used in hospitals globally to address resource needs, patient throughput, and expansions/changes to facilities. How many beds will you need for the increase in patients seen? Which areas of your hospital can be changed over to an ICU to accommodate this increase? How do we effectively schedule nurses, doctors, and other staff members to effectively treat patients? These are all questions you can answer through simulation.

Are you facing uncertainty or other challenges in your facilities? Reach out to learn more about Arena today.

Tyler DiFrischia

Topics: Manufacturing, Tips & Tricks, Project Management, Healthcare

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