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What is the advantage of 64 bit?

Posted by Sue Strickling on Jan 23, 2017 10:18:00 PM

Arena v15 is a native 64-bit product. Which means that Arena utilizes significantly more memory than the 2 GB limit of 32-bit software. 64-bit applications can utilize up to 8 Tb of memory!

Significantly larger simulation models can be built in Arena without requiring page swaps. Having the ability to build larger simulation models with Arena, can solve a number of problems previously not possible with discrete event simulation.

What sorts of models are possible with Arena v15 64 bit?

In developing Arena v15 we have built and run models with close to  24 million entities (the population of Australia).  Another model was of the national pension system that included 54,000 entities, with 380 attributes/entity for a period of 100 years!  Neither of these models came close to stretching the memory limits of Arena v15.

Have you built a model with Arena v15 that wasn't possible with other simulation software?  We would love to hear from you!

How do I find out if I'm using a 64-bit computer?

Easy. Go to Control Panel > System and see what it says next to System Type. If you see 64-bit Operating System, you're good to go!

How do I activate my 64-bit license?

To activate the Arena 64-bit license, you will need a WIBU dongle (code meter stick) that will be provided by contacting Arena Support. This dongle is different from the dongles currently being used. Once you have the dongle:

  1. Plug it in to the computer then open Factory Talk Activation Manager > Manage Activations tab.
  2. Select Get New Activations.
  3. Select Download Activations to This Computer.
  4. Then, select Enter Activation Information. 
  5. Enter the Serial Number and Product Key and select Download Activation.

Keep in mind, the WIBU dongle will need to be plugged in every time you use Arena. No WIBU dongle is required for 32-bit systems.

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