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Six Things You Need To Know About Arena v15

Posted by Steve Blatney on Jan 27, 2017 10:10:00 PM
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The response to our release of Arena v15 is astounding.  Users with 20+ years of experience have expressed their excitement to reduce modeling time by days/weeks, and new users are diving into more complex problems more quickly.  What’s all the fuss about?  We share 6 Things You Need to Know about Arena v15 below. 

A special thank you to our Premier Partner, SimWell.  The SimWell team has put their experience into short instructional videos for the Arena community to learn how to apply some of the new features in Arena v15.

64-Bit is All About Power

Millions of Entities and Attributes

Arena v15 opens the door to bigger models and new applications. See how we can model the population of the United States with 64-bit.

Introducing New Modules

Label and Go to Label

See how to apply the new Label & Go to Label Module in Arena.

Statistics Template

We've made some enhancements to the Statistics template in Arena.

Faster Debugging

Highlight Active Module Improvements

The Highlight Active Module improvements are great for faster debugging and are a favorite by experienced users.

Improved Attributes Display

Improved attributes display.


Spreadsheets for Elements and More!

Spreadsheets for Elements and More!

Better Organize Your Logic

Clone and Connector Color

Make multiple duplicates of an entity in one module and direct them separately.

Write CSV Output File

We made some improvements to writing to CSV output files.

Modeling Agent Based Systems

Assign Attribute

Arena v15 introduces additional features to make Agent Based Modeling even more powerful. If you haven't already, be sure to check out how IBM's Chief Data Scientist has used Arena to solve Agent Based problems.

Search and Remove

Search and Remove.

Batch Improvement

Match and Batch

We've made enhancements to make it more efficient to perform optional batching of the matched entities.

Adjustable Batch

Create partial batches based on time or based on a signal sent by the user defined logic.

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