User Group Conference Recordings

Listed below are the list of recordings from the User Group Conference. Clicking on the title of the session will take you to the recording. We have received reports that this web page does not load correctly for some. If you are having issues viewing this page, you can download the content here

Welcome and Agenda Review
Tyler DiFrischia & Julie Robinson
Join us here to meet the Arena Simulation Team Members, review the day's sessions, and the various items available to you throughout the day.


Arena Simulation Against COVID-19 (The New Better)
Tyler DiFrischia & Nancy Zupick
Arena has been used in a variety of industries, and as companies adapt to the day-to-day operations in conjunction with social distancing and other new standards, we play a key role in determining the best solutions.


Technical Support Review
Judy Jordan & Sue Strickling
Our experts will review common questions and errors that end users experience when using Arena and how to address them.


The Simulation Process
Melanie Barker & Gail Kenny
Our consulting team has worked on a variety of projects and have a collective experience of over 40 years. In this session, they will review how to properly run a simulation project both before entering into Arena and after you've completed your simulation.


Overcoming a pandemic – how a multi-model approach is used to inform a large healthcare system on resources allocation
Tze Chiam
COVID-19, a novel disease that spreads across the globe has caused multiple challenges to the healthcare systems around the world. Due to the lack of understanding of the spread and management of this disease, an interdisciplinary team was formed that uses a multi-model approach to predict community spread and healthcare resources requirements. An Arena simulation model is developed as part of the overall predictive modeling strategy to aid a large healthcare system in managing hospital resources as well as contingency planning. This talk will provide an overview of the overall approach and discuss some modeling challenges.


Arena 16.1 - A New Interface
Nancy Zupick
We're proud to release Arena's new and improved interface. Here we will review the changes to the look and feel as well as the new features.


Rockwell Automation in Mining Operations
Ben Sharpe
While Arena plays a critical role in Mining Operations, Rockwell Automation offers a multitude of solutions for Mining. Ben is an expert on Rockwell Automation's Mining Solutions and will walk us through how we make our Mining customers successful.


Integrating Predictive Forecasting into Aerospace Shop Floor Management
Will Berry
In aerospace manufacturing, assembling a low quantity of sophisticated, costly assemblies with very specific uses is a common occurrence. Uncertain procurement times, unknown programming and acceptance requirements, and a vague order of priority greatly increases variation of build time and obscures bottlenecks within the processes. MCS is an effective method to quantify and contain product and process variation, and can provide a clear path forward for the production schedule to meet customer needs while reducing cost of production.


Fight Against COVID-19 - Using Simulation in humanitarian healthcare logistics
MSc Luiz Augusto Franzese
Learn how Paragon used Arena Simulation to help plan logistics for PPE during the height of COVID-19 earlier this year. 

Utilizing Modeling and Simulation Tools to Manage and Optimize Capacity Across a Global Maintenance Enterprise
Laura Serio & Elizabeth Boyett
This proposal discusses the application of the Arena simulation software by Rockwell Automation to model the flow of entities through Naval maintenance facilities. The purpose is to support a new sustainment vision by amassing capability, capacity, and workforce proficiency data across all maintenance activities, then conduct sensitivity analysis to target throughput improvements.